Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Oh dear

Damn! All I was trying to do was experiment with changing my blog header but I seem to have lost the original one so I can't put it back...and now I can't get this new header properly centred. It looks a bit lopsided. It leans to the left, in fact. I don't care for the colours much, either.

Oh well. I'm too tired to muck around with it any more. I'll try again in the morning. At least it's legible.


  1. When I took a photography class years ago one assignment was a self-portrait. I submitted almost the same photo, but at the time it also included a cigarette burning in an ashtray. The prof failed the assignment for lacking my face. I'm still amused.

    Your header, though, is quite nice. I will check again tomorrow and see if your face is there, too.

  2. If you put your header into picmonkey.com, you can adjust the size so it fits perfectly. It might be trial and error but will work. I'm too scared to try mucking around with my blog - if I mess it up I know it will mean days behind the computer sorting it!!

  3. It's just the sex conversation adverts that worries me; otherwise it looks good.

    1. What? Cro, I sincerely hope you jest, sir!

  4. Yeah, never muck around with templates!
    Why not make a new one, with ya coffee on a very nice mug rug? lol


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