Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bad timing

Christmas Eve morning, it's raining, and I've discovered that there's a leak in the conservatory. There's a puddle in one corner, which I've mopped up with a towel. What timing - could there be a worse time than Christmas Eve to get a plumber? I'm just going to ignore it and hope it stops raining. Happy Christmas to all!


  1. A leak in the conservatory? We have water pouring into our living room and I have had to move the electrics away from it, including the router which runs this computer. It would be nice to have a conservatory to have leaks in, just to soak up the winter sun - when there is any. I'm going to ignore the leak in your conservatory too - I don't want it to spoil my Christmas.

    1. Oh no Tom, that sounds serious! I hope you can get it fixed before it does too much damage.

  2. Oh dear.... and for Tom's leak too!


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